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Holiday cottages in Northumberland offer the chance to explore one of England’s most dramatic landscapes. Steeped in history and adventure, battles and invasions, rebellion and occupation, this is an ancient land where legends were made and wars were fought. Romans settlers, Celtic natives, Anglian invaders, marauding Vikings and Norman lords have all made their presence felt in centuries gone by, leaving behind a rich tapestry of history. Northumberland’s turbulent heritage is still in evidence, boasting a greater number of castles than any other county in the country, as well the highest number of known battle sites.

Thankfully things are a lot more peaceful these days, leaving visitors free to explore and enjoy the intriguing history, marvel at the ancient relics and revel in the breathtaking coastline and beautifully rustic countryside of England’s most northern county.

With fishing villages, market towns and historic harbours once buzzing with industry or invaders now lined with cute holiday cottages, Northumberland has become a must-see destination for those looking to experience a different side to England. Once an ancient kingdom in its own right and bordering Scotland in the north east, the county enjoys a unique character among its people and its surroundings.

Bamburgh Castle, which is still lived in today, is one of the most stunning examples of Northumberland’s varied history, with evidence of settlement on the site since prehistoric times. It continues to be a point of interest for archaeologists, while visitors are welcome to explore inside the building and gardens and even though most of the current structure only dates back to Victorian times it is still a fascinating visit, with thousands of artefacts and artwork on display from throughout the ages as well as stunning views out to sea. The medieval Alnwick Castle is another must-visit and will be a hit with Harry Potter fans as it was used as Hogwarts in the hit films, while Lindisfarne Castle on Holy Island is one of the most mystical sights, situated on a rocky, tidal island three miles off the coast.

One of the most famous relics of Roman occupation is Hadrian’s Wall, which divided England and Scotland and laid out the border of Roman Britain. Some of its best-preserved stretches can be admired in Northumberland. A Unesco World Heritage Site, it attracts visitors from around the globe and can be explored in true Northumberland style by following the Hadrian’s Wall National Trail Path, complete with welcoming pubs, picturesque villages and gorgeous scenery along the route, with plenty of holiday cottages in Northumberland within easy reach for walkers keen to follow the wall.

Northumberland’s rugged scenery is perfect for outdoor adventurers, with exceptional cycling and walking routes, as well as climbing, coasteering and no end of water sports for those keen to brave the North Sea or take a dip into one of the stunning lakes. Kielder Water and Forest Park boasts Europe’s largest man-made lake but the nature-filled vistas rival much offered by the Lake District or Scotland’s famed lochs. Northumberland National Park and the North Pennines offer more great options to get close to nature, with Northumberland offering awe-inspiring surroundings at any time of year.

For a breath of fresh air and a chance to explore one of England’s most mystical landscapes and warmest welcomes, choose holiday cottages in Northumberland for your next rural retreat.

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