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Growing Popularity of UK Self Catering Holidays

You are planning your next holiday and the family want to come too. What to do? Solution: self catering holidays in larger properties. There is a surprisingly large choice of self catering holidays geared to larger family groups, all over Britain. The range of quality and facilities vary, so you will need to check on what fits your personal budget, as well as the venues and family requirements.

A family group of 6 people, with kids who want the beach and sea, can be accommodated in a number of properties along our coast. The north of England is particularly blessed with facilities for self catering holidays for families.

Northumberland is often overlooked for self catering holidays, but the facilities are good, the beaches are amazing – and huge – and the food is great, whether you are buying in or eating out. Generally, this part of the country is more reasonably priced, which can be useful on a family holiday.

At the other end of the country, Poole Harbour can provide self catering holidays which will take up to seven people or more. The Poole area is great for all ages, particularly those who enjoy coastal exploring. There are lots of coves and small towns to look around, plus lots of entertainment in and around the area. If you don’t get back till late, it will not matter – you are as free as you like.

Self catering holidays for even bigger families are provided at a number of older houses around the country. Some of these can house as many as 12 to 15 people. There are all the conveniences of home, with the added attraction of stunning countryside on your door step and history as far as the eye can see.

An area like north Wales, for example, epitomises the advantage of self catering holidays for families. Some more mature family members might like the occasional day off when they just enjoy the view or read or take a stroll around the nearby town. This is quite acceptable in your private accommodation; the older ones relax “at home” and the youngsters enjoy their activities at the same time.

Some larger self catering holidays accommodations are attached to activity centres. These give the best of both worlds. Those who want to be really active can climb, cycle, jet-ski – whatever is available. The somewhat less active can watch and encourage or enjoy a less frenetic day with fishing, sketching or gentle walking.
Whatever your family’s choice, there are self catering holidays cottage providers all over the UK with the right size accommodation just for you.

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