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Find Dog Friendly Holidays in the UK

If you have ever owned a dog, you will probably relate to just how hard it is to leave them behind in kennels when you go off on your foreign holiday? You hand them over to a member of staff and see those big, brown, sorrowful eyes, the tale right down and a look of total abandonment on their trusting little face. They don’t realise that you’re going to be coming back for them; instead, it really does feel like the end of their happy little world. We’ve all been there before and with this in mind, investigating perfect dog friendly holidays may seem to be the answer.

Within the EU now, it has become possible to take your dog with you on ferries to France and Spain etc. However, once you have dealt with the time and expense of vets and copious amounts of documentation, this really does not tend to make for what could be considered as dog friendly holidays. This can certainly be very stressful for the animal who will have to remain in a separate area on the ferry and when the dog’s whole world is moving up-and-down whilst you’re at sea, this is never good for them.

The true definition of dog friendly holidays can only ever extend to a stay within the UK; in other words, where sickening sea travel is not involved. This is where cottage holidays are able to provide the perfect answer.

Rental properties are in abundant supply right across this great country of ours and believe it or not, but many will actually allow you to bring your beloved dog along too. You will need to pay a nominal charge to ensconce your pet into the property for the stay, but overall, compared with the bill to keep them in a kennel, you will definitely save quite handsomely in this regard. Now if this isn’t the idea of the perfect dog friendly holidays, I don’t know what is?

The properties that offer dog friendly holidays will usually be located in a part of the country that offers ample walking and rambling opportunities. In fact, you can often check with the property owner to see if they have any suggestions before you come.

For real nature lovers, the numerous national parks in the UK can make for the very best in dog friendly holidays. These properties will be quiet and tranquil and will provide the perfect getaway for both the human and canine members of the party.

If you are considering dog friendly holidays such as this, just make sure your pet will be okay to stay within someone else’s property. If you have any slight worry about their behaviour, it may not be wise to bring them along with you. Dog friendly holidays work on the premise that the owners will be totally responsible for their pets and the animal will not cause any damage whatsoever.

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