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English Country Cottages are Ideal for a Self Catering Break

Everybody needs a break from the humdrum of everyday life and English country cottages are proving to be an increasingly popular way of getting away from it all. At a time where many of us are desperate to move to the country and into a property that is more in keeping with what we would hope for, from life, money is likely to be holding us back. This is where English country cottages really do come into their own and provide that perfect period of escapism.

As there is such a plethora of English country cottages to choose between, some good advice here would be to allow yourself plenty of time to decide on the property that is just right for you. Obviously, a number of elements will need to be taken into account here:

The Size

English country cottages range significantly in sizes. If you are looking for a cosy break away with a loved one, a simple one bedroom property may well work out to be more than sufficient for you. On the other hand, if you are keen to take all of the family away for a well earned holiday, properties come with many bedrooms and will ensure that the entire party can be kept together.

In these times of austerity, English country cottages are able to offer a cheaper and viable alternative to having to book multiple hotel rooms. This means that you will not need to compromise on the standard of accommodation and would, in fact, have more space and freedom to come and go as you please.

The Styles

This is the really great point with English country cottages: no two properties are ever going to be the same. This means that you could take a break three times a year for the next decade and would never stay in exactly the same English country cottages.

From gorgeous seaside English country cottages, to properties that are conveniently located within our national parks, you name the area and style you are looking for, you’re bound to find something that will tick all of the right boxes for you.

The Standard Facilities

All English country cottages are taken onto company books when they are able to pass strict guidelines and minimal criteria on standards and facilities. This means that you can absolutely rest assured that the property has been thoroughly inspected and that all of the standard facilities that you would expect from English country holiday cottages are included for you. Therefore, expect that there will always be a well-equipped and fully functional kitchen area in the property and a decent bathroom. Any other facilities above and beyond these basics will be listed separately under each property’s description.

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