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Dog Friendly Holiday Cottages – What Would be the Ideal Cottages for You

It is holiday time and dog owners have to make a decision – take the dog with you or make alternative arrangements for its care. More dog owners are choosing dog friendly holidays in cottages for you which welcome dogs as well as people.

Not all dogs respond well to being put in kennels, particularly if they are not used to it. From a financial aspect, kennelling can be quite expensive. Offset this cost against the cost of cottages for you and the answer is easy – take them with you.
There are an increasing number of cottages for you which welcome pets and the range of prices is very wide. Self catering is a definite bonus with pets as they get to use their own dishes and beds, just like at home, and they are with their owners all the time.

Walking a dog is an important part of its daily ritual, so many of the cottages for you are found near excellent dog walking areas – moorland, permitted beaches, farmland and park land. Areas such as the New Forest in Hampshire is great for humans and dogs and the coast is nearby for a change of walk.

A particularly welcoming area seems to be the Wye Valley on the Wales/England border. The whole area is incredibly beautiful, which the humans enjoy and there are vast areas of woodland with walks which all enjoy. Many of the cottages for you in this area offer dog friendly facilities.

When looking for cottages for you, it is worth checking on the details. Some will only permit one or two dogs, some specify a maximum size. Some areas seem to positively welcome dogs and their owners, even to the extent of putting absolutely no limit on size or quantity.

Quite a few cottages for you are found on or connected to farms. Farmers are often very welcoming to pets. Again, it is worth checking on the exact farm activities – it is not a good idea to take a sheep worrier on a hill farm in Yorkshire, for instance. But, by and large farms are good holiday places for dogs as well as their owners.

So, you and your dog(s) can enjoy a holiday with walks and activities when you choose and where you choose. The right dog friendly holiday cottages for you will be there waiting to welcome you at the end of the day.

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