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Dog Friendly Holiday Cottages Enable to Keep the Whole Family Together

Dogs are not called ‘Man’s best friend’ without good reason! They become an integral and much-loved member of the family and it can really put a dampener on anyone’s holiday when they are forced to leave their beloved companion behind. The solution here then is definitely to give dog friendly holiday cottages some serious thought.

Plenty of self catering property owners have come to realise that one of the biggest appeals to people taking a holiday in their own country is the fact that they are able to bring their dog along with them. This has led to more and more dog friendly cottages having become available and there is usually going to be a good selection of properties in any particular area that you may have in mind.

As many dog friendly cottages tend to be based in the more rural areas, this is absolutely ideal for you and your pet. There should be a number of long walks available throughout the area and this will mean that you and Fido can get plenty of exercise during your break. Check out the dog friendly cottages that are located close to the country’s national parks and this way you really will be spoilt for choice.

When you’re searching for dog friendly holiday cottages, there will be a facility that indicates whether or not you are welcome to bring your dog along with you. Be mindful of the fact that not all dog friendly cottages will allow you to bring numerous animals with you: check this out before placing the reservation. If dog(s) are accepted into the cottage, there will be a charge on top of the main rental price.

As with any type of self catering accommodation, if there is any damage caused in dog friendly cottages, you will be responsible for it. With this in mind, you need to be realistic as to whether your dog will be right to take to such a well appointed property. Is the animal well behaved when it is taken out of its home environment? Is the dog destructive and prone to chewing things and is he very well trained when it comes to accidents within the property (you know what we mean here!)? If you are unsure over any of the questions posed above, we would suggest that it is probably not a good idea to bring your dog along to even dog friendly holiday cottages.

Owners will always trust their customer’s best judgement when it comes to permitting their pets to stay in dog friendly cottages. There is nothing better than keeping the whole family together, when you stay in a delightful cottage in your own country and this usually means taking man’s best friend along with you.

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