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In Victorian times it was quite usual for artists to take cottages to rent in scenic places and spend time drawing the area. Nowadays, the artists are more likely to be armed with a camera than a brush, but the principle is still the same. Britain has an abundance of beautiful places which can provide artistic inspiration. It is simply a matter of deciding on the general subject matter, then finding cottages to rent in the area. For example:


There are many cottages to rent with views out to sea. As many artists over the ages have found, Norfolk, for example, is blessed with some of the biggest skies anywhere. The regularly changing seascape can provide so much inspiration for photographers and painters alike.

At the other end of the scale, Cornwall has a number of rivers and creeks providing enclosed environments of woods, water and wildlife. There are wildlife sanctuaries all around Britain and often there are cottages to rent close by. Bird watchers, badger watchers and similar should have no problem pursuing their hobby and being comfortable at the same time.

Whatever your chosen subjects, nature is very variable and may not provide the scene you want to order. This is where using self catering English country cottages to rent is a definite advantage. It will not matter if you have to sit till sunset to get just that right effect or the wildlife only comes out at night; you can organise your day to suit your activities and are answerable to no-one for your coming or going times.

Photographic places

Using holiday cottages to rent as a base is very useful if you are looking to explore and record more remote places. There are many facilities in country areas with access to a number of potential subjects.

For example, using cottages to rent in Yorkshire puts you within reach of Fountains Abbey, probably one of the most photogenic ruins in the north. It is very easy to spend an entire day wandering around this large site – take plenty of replacement film or memory cards, it is a long walk to the car park!

From the same base you can go deep into the Yorkshire Dales for stunning vistas and views and sometimes incredible cloud formations. Follow our early industrial past with rope making at Hawes or cheese in “Wensleydale”, or watch the hill farmers – many cottages to rent are attached to farms.

From an artist’s viewpoint, many of the holiday cottages to rent are themselves worthy of record. They are often older buildings and will provide the artist with enough subject matter to fill a holiday.

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