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Big Parties or Families Require Large Holiday Cottages

The really great thing about self catering accommodation is the fact that the properties come in various styles and sizes. This means that there is always going to be something in the area you fancy that will hit the nail right on the head. Large holiday cottages are exceptionally popular and this is mainly down to the fact that they allow entire families to stay together throughout the duration of their holiday.

To be honest here, large holiday cottages can tend to be the most popular type of self catering accommodation and therefore they are likely to become booked quite early. With this in mind, it is always wise to place your reservation as far in advance as possible.

Large holiday cottages can work out as being very good value for money. This is especially the case when you take a property with a number of bedrooms (let’s say four plus) and then divide the overall rental price by the number of people that will be staying in the accommodation. With our example property, you would be able to sleep at least 8 people and if you were to purchase four hotel rooms instead, trust us, this would work out as being considerably more expensive.

Many large holiday cottages are able to offer more than one bathroom. In fact, you will find that a number come with convenient en-suite facilities. This will mean that there should not be any fighting for the bathroom in the mornings, as the party gets ready to go off for the day.

The other great advantage to large holiday cottages is that they will always be well equipped with a decent sized kitchen. When a larger family travels on holiday, eating out can become the biggest expense by far. At least three meals per day for several people will require a small mortgage, therefore being able to cook for the party yourself is an ideal way of saving a fair few pounds.

Large holiday cottages can be even bigger: in fact, it is not unheard of for you to be able to find accommodation that has six bedrooms or even more. Now, whilst this may sound a little ostentatious, bear in mind that several families and friends could travel together to such a property and that once the rental price is split accordingly, the savings can work out as being truly excellent.

The most luxurious large holiday cottages may even come with their own private swimming pool. This would feel as though you have the run of your very own hotel and it will likely be the best escape from normality that you will ever experience.

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